In the News

  1. Herald: CIA Report Filed Today, August 24, 2016
  2. News: Satanic Temple Pushing After School Clubs
  3. News: Military Brass Embrace Satanism
  4. A Call to All Saints
  5. First Majority Muslim City Council Elected in Detroit (11/12/2015)
  6. US Dept of State Addresses Satanic Attacks Against Christians (10/15/2015)
  7. Hillary Clinton Wants to Repeal Our Defenses (10/5/2015)
  8. Church Tonight: Sept 23, 2015
  9. Mind Control v2 (Obama’s Executive Order on Sept 15, 2015)
  10. Mind Control and Germany in USA
  11. Update: FBI Report Filed (9/15/2015)
  12. Police Murder Natasha McKenna…A Vibrant Black Woman
  13. Queen Elizabeth Found Guilty in Missing Children Case — Whistle Blowers Incarcerated, While She is Free
  14. Satanist Katy Perry Attempts to Purchase Convent
  15. Obama Orders Hillary Clinton Arrest If Trump Assassinated
  16. Russia,Iran,China, and North Korea Military Alliance Exposed
  17. Obama Flees Hotel Due to Security Threat
  18. Obama Flees Russian War Order

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  1. Only a smiling visitant here to share the love (:, btw outstanding layout.


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