First Majority Muslim City Council Elected in Detroit (11/12/2015)

A blow was dealt to the USA by way of Michigan, as a majority Muslim council was elected. A little known fact is that Muslim refugees and satanists are gearing up in that state…for a takeover seemingly. Christians be warned. See the signs…keep America Christian.

We are not to retreat in the fight against evil. Those against our peaceful, GODly ways are using the rules of engagement, not only in armaments abroad, but legislatively here in the USA. There is no small role, especially in government. We must be vigilant in order to maintain supremacy as we Christians are set to be the principal keepers of His Wisdoms and shepherds of His peace.

Satanists erected the Baphomet statue in Lansing, in satan’s dishonor in Detroit, and now Muslims are obtaining a foothold there.  

Very sad indeed but the brightness is that we Christians are still the majority. Their turn in council is but for a time. Though we are not to be complacent. There are those of a demonic mindset who want to control us and enslave our bodies and minds, as in Obama’s Executive Order for mind-control.

We are to remain aware and active to see the true events and not believe the narratives put before us in soundbites by satanists. Government roles matter and more Christians need to know they can become a part of it and put the “I” and “we” back in it instead of just “they”.

First Majority Muslim City Council is in Detroit

by Jerriè McGill


About St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

I'm a devout Christian Saint, Prophet, and Minister lady who loves the LORD. I'm also a writer, singer, composer, and visionary. I aspire to be like my Holy Father, an angel. I'm a Holy Roller Stomper, quite serious, yet joyful of my True Father's Heavenly work. I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies. I reside in Atlanta, GA.
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