A Sad Day in Kingdom

A now demon, once an angel in GOD’s service has released Kingdom information to its fellow satanists. It and its immediate court will not leave hell. He’s an original strange case of damnation. He’s had direct contact with Source.

The heretics will be named and many see them already. The Father tries so hard and still they play.

The Great Fall is occurring and the who of the Fallen will upset so many as we have come to love and regard them in our understanding of Father. Be well and pray for Father. He does so much for us.

September 23 – Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement and Holiness)
Your holiday cheat sheet to Yom Kippur

September 29 – Celebration of Angels Day

Go online to download your Christian and Jewish (still ours) calendars. Observe and be well. 🙂

by Jerriè McGill

All material is subject to Copyright laws.


About St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

I'm a devout Christian Saint, Prophet, and Minister lady who loves the LORD. I'm also a writer, singer, composer, and visionary. I aspire to be like my Holy Father, an angel. I'm a Holy Roller Stomper, quite serious, yet joyful of my True Father's Heavenly work. I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies. I reside in Atlanta, GA.
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