Surreal Art

I’m in a different place now. Surreal art calls to me. I’ve only scantly searched the artwork, but it resonates with me. Are we to always be so versed then to find in a consciousness shift that change is well received? Yes. My artist Spirit demands it. GOD has much to show us when we are ready.

There are many styles from which to choose.  But I love Realism and Impressionism. Though my favorite art will always be singing and the written word. 🙂

Art Styles Explained: From Realism to Abstract
Surreal Art – Search

by Jerriè McGill

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About St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

I'm a devout Christian Saint, Prophet, and Minister lady who loves the LORD. I'm also a writer, singer, composer, and visionary. I aspire to be like my Holy Father, an angel. I'm a Holy Roller Stomper, quite serious, yet joyful of my True Father's Heavenly work. I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies. I reside in Atlanta, GA.
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