Daily Journal: Laywoman / Nun / Saint

I am a sealed laywoman, nun, and saint. GOD has so ordained me. I have many Christian roles and titles. GOD has revealed a great many things to me, a few I’ve been instructed to divulge here. I love being an obedient daughter and love Holy Father. I may wind up becoming a nun At a church one day. As it is, I pray at home with GOD. He may or may not lead me to a denomination. I do enjoy learning more about each of them. I’m becoming quite the theologian, says Father GOD. He says this lovingly, because next to Him we know so little.

The demonic attacks are pervasive and I yearn to be alone with GOD again in our silence. The demons seek to rob me of so much. They have plagued my mind and want that which GOD has imparted to me. Even as he warns them and punishes, they continue. I will be delivered though. They fear my revealing who they are in society, those still on Earth. Their reputations, to anyone but GOD, means a great deal to them. That’s why they pretend to be of GOD, oh but they are not. Many have already been exposed as satanists, but not by a saint. We shall see what GOD has for me to do.

Though I do this, I of course get upset, and a whole host of emotions, yet I try to remain composed around others. It’s not enviable, the pain and misery demons cause me, but GOD really will see me through. This ordeal has strengthened my faith. I LOVE GOD. He is the Faith.

I go into Holy Repose to be with Father and experience a depth of understanding that He allows.

By Jerriè McGill

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About St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

I'm a devout Christian Saint, Prophet, and Minister lady who loves the LORD. I'm also a writer, singer, composer, and visionary. I aspire to be like my Holy Father, an angel. I'm a Holy Roller Stomper, quite serious, yet joyful of my True Father's Heavenly work. I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies. I reside in Atlanta, GA.
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