The Good of the Heralds & A Demonic Attack

Demons are coming to understand how damned they are. I was attacked just today and yesterday was especially awful as I was forced into a heart attack by satanists. They are well known satanists in the music industry and an ex-spouse of one of them. They and others attack me frequently and my road is difficult. Even at the hospital they were just awful. I was in such pain.

I was attacked again on the train ride home from the hospital. The EMTs who picked me up were rude and cruel and laughed at me and said I was pulling shannanigans. I was barely responsive as several demons were plaguing me. One in particular was on my chest on a close plane and I was unable to speak but intermittently.

All the EMTs were satanic. One bragged that he was an athiest and he and the woman EMT laughed at GOD. I kid you not.

When that thing (a well known male celebrity), got off me, I told that EMT all about the LORD and got out of the ambulance. Mercifull.y it was stopped right outside my Marta station. The LORD is so good, though our trials be great.

I got some rest, but then they started in again. The fallen think they are relentless, but GOD is the definition of the Word.

I’ll be leaving this demonic city soon, the witchcraft that demons have been using on me to get me to remain here is not stronger than GOD’s mercy and judgment.

The few of us Holies who suffer this way do so that many do not have to.

By Jerriè McGill

All material is subject to Copyright laws.


About St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

I'm a devout Christian Saint, Prophet, and Minister lady who loves the LORD. I'm also a writer, singer, composer, and visionary. I aspire to be like my Holy Father, an angel. I'm a Holy Roller Stomper, quite serious, yet joyful of my True Father's Heavenly work. I'm a graduate of Georgia Southern University and have a Bachelor of Science degree in Justice Studies. I reside in Atlanta, GA.
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