Satanist Katy Perry Attempts to Purchase Convent

In the news,

Katy Perry, satanist, and hack pop celebutard, who spends most of her time indoctrinating young girls into homosexuality and other depravity, has chosen to add another blasphemy to her list. She is in a fight to purchase a convent. A convent is not a coven.

The LORD is not pleased, too much has been done. And as I mentioned in my prior blog post re: Christians owning more land. Those with financial and spiritual means need to keep these things from occurring and stave off any type of a satanic stronghold in this world. We are a Christian people and will remain so.

Katy Perry Can’t Buy Nuns’ Convent Yet, But May Be Able to Rent It for Now, Judge Says
Judge says nuns’ sale of convent wanted by Katy Perry appears to be invalid

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by Jerriè McGill

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