Whores in Hip Hop

Unholy, whorely, soulless in need of much rest,
will always be unreceived and never believed
as the righteous Kingdom folk of old
who proved niceness with soul.
Their brood ruined the ‘hood as Panthers made good use of cold –
steel wasn’t the great reveal, but the Will of GOD
to be at odds and not reduce Kingdom nation to devil’s station.
Whores are the enemy; sold out and not called to greatness,
they’ve distracted enough and subjected more.
But we of His allegiance are here to override and correct the score.
Angels, to your shores!
They’re not understanding fast enough…
to the Kraken and the River Styx.
Flame on thunder, wind, increase your sails
make them forget the bunker is where and there.
They’ve betrayed the Throne Room and live
in the devil’s house so find them there soon.
Demons on the track.
The crossroads have come to you courtesy of GOD’s hate.
To be continued… always with the mandate to
not try to figure demons, just count them out completely.
They will not kill Hip Hop!
Christians are holding the savvy delivering the truth
one clever verse indicating another, never a truce.
The whores are fighting for their levels and
need to put the subpar back in hell.
GOD’ll make sure they project there.
They’re assured for house arrest to chase shadows
and delusions of grandeur that they’re the best;
Missing the significance that without the LORD,
they’re only around for jest.
A fool’s racket is the devil’s outfit.
The whores are hell bound and out of sound.

by St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

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No Derivations Thereof ♫

No derivations thereof,
No derivations thereof.
Some this generation ‘round
think invisibility, invincibility
are of devils wearing halos
but it’s the false;
they adhere to their hope
disallowing truth to permeate their satiated imbalance.
Reaching for wrong when right’s what’ll…
LORD! They hear me and know of evil I don’t belong!
Jesus! I know you see me now, they’re lied up against me
but you and the LORD are for me.
How could I ever feel, ever feel ashamed?!
The devil’s dastardly are to blame!

I’ve been night,
I’ve been day.
GOD illuminates the way.
Narrow paths won’t lead me astray.

Shadow life…
Shadow life….
There’s still is strife
Shadow life.
Tests to testify to strength
cause He made me this way.
I do cry…
But I shall transition, not die,
so says Father in the nearby sky.

No derivations thereof
No derivations thereof
Shall be stolen by the below.
GOD always knows.
No derivations thereof…
Originality isn’t cloned.
Earth…Father’s way
Originality…no derivations thereof
Only one GOD above!
Hallelujah! Praise the LORD (spoken)


♫ SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/faithfilled23/no-derivations-thereof

by St. Rev. Jerriè McGill

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Daily Devotional: Increase Your Knowledge (February 8, 2017)


Various factors have led us to the world in which we find ourselves. Much is being revealed by Holy Father. We are to be as priests and learn more of His world. We are a very important species and are capable of more than we know. There is not one area of the planets of which we should not be made aware. So though you may not need to know the bombing codes of your country’s government, you should be knowledgeable of infrastructure to know that which needs to be changed to be in line with Holy. Below are a few links to aid you on your quest. – Blessings

Proverbs 18:15 (KJV)


Christian History

Attacks Upon the Faith and Warnings



The Incredible



Christian Dojos


by Minister Saint Jerriè McGill

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Resuscitation of Greatness

Iggy was a Twiggy but not as good as Biggie
and he was still a small, didn’t stand that lyrically tall.
Some want to censor me because they have a sense of me.
They may not want to endure my anger at this juncture
because poetically I’ve caused groat throats of the lesser to puncture.
This is but a bit.
Too much more and they really won’t be able to handle it.
They’re only Shady quick and the tortoise still beats it by a hare.
I love green!
I won’t see them at the finish line because
I’ve already been there and been crowned the Queen and a King.
I’ll keep writing and igniting to aid a society that’s dividing.
Time to stand for GOD or fall for the devil.
I’ve chosen Holy Father.
There are others who’ll soon learn there’s only He
and the adversary doesn’t deserve a holler let alone a devotional shout.
Don’t believe the lies of those touting the positive of demon collars.
Be careful Hip Hop who you represent.
We already doubt the Christian stance of many
even though they wear the cross of the Big Boss,
we see them salute the devil.
We of higher consciousness have a duty to relay wisdom
and combat to more than cause harm,
but to hurt evil and to the righteous,
deliver the LORD’s balm.

by Minister Saint Jerriè McGill

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Through the Eyes of Mother Inez


Apr 14, 1929 to Dec 19, 2012

I’m just an old preacher tryin’ to reach her;
A fellow sister sent here to save souls;
Always ready, always ready on the road.
A shepherd leading demons to perdition for crimes
against the LORD; they unwilling to repent.
All worlds reserved for the Heaven sent.
Kaleidoscopes convey as much as display.
The rainbow, a covenant to be worn
as a Christian salute, not for deviants.
She came to free the bound,
yet still they’re serpent wound.

by Minister Saint Jerriè McGill and Mother Inez Andrews (Heaven citizen)

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Herald: Dumbing Down of America (January 25, 2017)


Below is the video series I uploaded today entitled ‘Dumbing Down of America to the World’. Please join me at Youtube and subscribe.  I place all my uploads in the Heralds from GOD playlist. 🙂




Minister Saint Jerriè McGill

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To the Editor: My Testimony

Greetings Holies,

GOD has set me to report to more news outlets about what has been occurring to me, especially after a herendous night of torture that I endured. I am physically, emotionally, and mentally aching, but GOD is healing me. He is always with me and the demons will not win. They are already defeated. Below is the link to the letter I am submitting to more news outlets this week.

To the Editor: My Testimony (January 11, 2017)



Minister Saint Jerriè McGill




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